Real Cool, Romeo

One of them almost walked by ignoring me, yet again, except this time when our gaze met, HE STOPPED. Now, in my mind he was stopping cause he finally had the nerve to chat with me, which in the end would lead to a date and then marriage, and then skip the baby carriage for a brand new car! Snap back to reality… thanks, Eminem. He stopped to offer me a biscotti homemade by his wonderful mother whom I met a few weeks ago and made me feel less invisible as I sit behind this counter hidden by my own shadow. Whatever that means. Now I’m off to get me a cuppa to enjoy with my treat.

How Badly Do I need to Pee, Honestly

Is the urgency to pee so strong that I am willing to innocently walk past the group of salespeople who are having a fluid conversation until I pass and then suddenly everything is hush hush. Not one person saying hello, hi there, wassup fellow employee. No, instead that large group of white ignorant adults just meet my smile with a raise of an eyebrow as if to say, yea we’re talking about you even though we know nothing about you but we’re happy to do so cause we’re white ignorant adults. I turn the corner and roll my eyes and whisper, fuck you.

The Daily Grind And Its Unavoidable Shit

Recently, I made the dramatic career change from barn life to car life. Speaking honestly, it wasn’t too dramatic. If anything, the worst of it was going from working with 1400 pound equine to the weird species that make up the car world. At the time, I was convinced that horses were my problem, but now I’m not so sure.

I’m not going to disclose where I work, for security reasons, but all you need to know is that 1) it’s a car dealership with a service department 2) 95% of the employees are male 3) 75% of the male employees are attractive assholes and, 4) the remaining 5% of female employees are snooty and not as hot as they think. With that being said, the daily amount of drama, gossip, and bullshit attitudes that get thrown around here will make you throw away your subscriptions to all of your gossip magazines, stat.

The blurbs that I will post here are thoughts that cross my mind, everyday, all the damn time. It’s just little old me right now behind this desk tucked back in the corner, probably on purpose. Needless to say, it gets lonely and believe it or not, though I do not talk a lot, I still do crave that outlet to speak and be heard.